How Millennials Are Changing Weddings

White dress, church wedding, cut the cake, bride’s parents pay for the wedding, groom’s pay for the rehearsal dinner, Maid of Honor, Best Man, speeches, the list goes on as to what a “traditional” wedding is supposed to look like. But, if I’ve learned anything from starting a job as an event coordinator, it’s that traditional is no longer the tradition and that is because of millennials.

I found an interesting article discussing the top six things Millennials have changed in the wedding world, and they are pretty accurate. The first major change is Millennials are skipping the church ceremony. As Millennials, we love convenience, so having our reception in the same building as our ceremony is key. We also love to personalize everything, so having your ceremony at a personal place where you have memories is also a big trend.

Secondly, couples seem to be spending more. This information was conducted in the UK, so not sure what the US is like, but I find this to be somewhat inaccurate in our area. Many brides and grooms are paying for their own weddings now, giving them a tighter budget and essentially causing them to become more creative with centerpieces, flowers, food, etc. which brings us to the third topic, personalization.

We all want to be unique. We want our wedding to be different than our friends’ and our parents’. Millennials strive to find something to make their wedding distinct and memorable. Signature cocktails are a huge way to do this and we see them constantly now.

Millennials are also marrying older. More and more Millennials are getting married in their early to mid thirties now rather than late twenties, which could be why some are willing to spend more. We don’t rush things, we like things done the right way, so we take our time, so this makes perfect sense.

Do it yourself weddings. We are in the age of Pinterest and with Pinterest comes many fails and many successes. The internet gives us unlimited ideas as how to save money on things like flowers, invites, placecards, centerpieces, etc. We are all about customizing everything and making it unique and personal which is why DIY has become so popular.

Lastly is the social media influence, hashtags, monograms, Pinterest, and more. We can customize our weddings even more with a hashtag.

Overall, the idea of tradition and weddings is out the window. Nothing is traditional anymore and I think that is exciting. I know many of my brides have such unique and different ideas. Yes, they are all getting married at the same venue, but I know they are all going to transform the venue differently and I can’t wait to see the outcomes!

If you’d like to read the article I credited, follow the link below ๐Ÿ™‚

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