Why Do Millennials Have Such a Negative Rap?

We all cringe when we hear the word “millennial.” Millennials especially cringe when we hear it. The word has gained such a negative reputation, but do we really deserve the bad rap? We are classified as “lazy” and “entitled.” However, why would a lazy and entitled group of people be studied so intensely? Because maybe there is more to us than being lazy and entitled.

We are the largest group of people on Earth, so maybe people should rethink the negative connotation seeing we are the now and the future. According to an article written by Matt Anderson, another fellow Millennial, our laziness has been labeled due to our connection to technology and social media, however, this same technology has made us a very interesting and powerful group of entrepreneurs and go-getters. He also goes on to talk about how our use of selfies doesn’t make us narcissistic necessarily, but proves we enjoy seeing others point of views.

Anderson focuses his research mostly on what Millennials are watching on YouTube, and his research is quite interesting and may shock other generations. Millennials rely on YouTube primarily to better their careers, to listen to others point of views, and to improve their health. So no, we don’t watch videos of cute cats, or silly dogs, well, at least not all the time, we actually research things of importance. We may not use books, newspapers, and magazines to do so, but we are a generation born with technology, so, we use it, does that really classify us as lazy? I think not.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them!

As always, thanks for reading!

Jenn, Millennial Expert 🙂


Matt Anderson’s article: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/consumer-insights/millennials-youtube-consumer-insights-marketing/



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