Are the Days of Country Club & Hotel Weddings Diminishing?

Hello Wine Lovers! Hope you all made it through the storm!

If I have learned anything in my first year of wedding coordinating, it’s that couples are looking for something new & unique- they want to get married somewhere none of their friends or family have been married. I’m hearing 9 times out of 10, “we don’t want to get married at a country club” or, “we aren’t interested in another hotel ballroom,” and as an event coordinator for a brand new venue, I think this is our biggest asset. It is also what makes our venue so appealing.

Millennials are a group who are all about going outside the norm and this is no exception with Millennial weddings. They want personalization and experiences and want their guests to remember their day for all the unique details. It seems getting married in a Country Club or a Hotel just doesn’t provide the personalization Millennials are looking for in 2018. The new thing is wineries, breweries, vineyards, barns, farms, backyards, etc. The unconventional venues are becoming the norm. These couples want to feel special and I’ve heard over and over again how they walk into Hotels or Country Clubs for site tours and just don’t feel special. They feel like another couple in a wedding factory.

Now, I don’t want anyone thinking I’m against Country Club or Hotel weddings, I think they’re beautiful and always executed flawlessly by experienced coordinators, I just think they need to find a way to personalize each and every wedding to better attract Millennial couples.

I mainly chose this as a topic to get some feedback! I would love to hear from my brides why they decided to book with us over a Country Club or Hotel, and I would also love to hear from people who chose to get married at a Country Club or Hotel and hear why they went that route. I’m mainly just curious if what I’m hearing from my tours is more common than not! Please comment & start up the conversation, I’m interested in hearing other points of view!

Stay warm!

Jenn Brodeur


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