“This generation grew up with the gradual introduction of instant messaging, texting, email, and other forms of written communication. Because they’re just as instantaneous, but provide you the ability to think over your words, they’re more comfortable and precise communication forms,” says Forbes. I could not agree with this more. I prefer to have time to process the questions asked and be sure to give the best possible response. I will still respond to a text or email instantly, but I want to be sure my information is correct before it’s sent out. A phone call does not grant you this luxury. People think I’m crazy for giving my personal cell phone number to my brides/grooms & clients, but I prefer it. Brides and grooms often come up with quick, little questions and giving them my personal cell allows them to receive an immediate response to those questions. It makes the planning process easier for both of us. Everything is in writing making it impossible to be forgotten. I don’t always have access to a pen and paper when a phone call comes through leaving room for misinterpretation and error. I have attached below the link for the Forbes article, “Phone Calls, Texts or Email? Here’s How Millennials Prefer To Communicate.” This article gives great insight as to why Millennials prefer faster and more convenient methods of communication. I would love to hear other points of view on this topic from both Millennials & non-Millennials just to see other preferences or ideas!   Thanks for reading! Jenn 🙂   https://www.forbes.com/sites/larryalton/2017/05/11/how-do-millennials-prefer-to-communicate/#61df49c6d6fd