Hi Wine Lovers! Sorry for not posting for awhile, I’ve been busy, busy with weddings! Speaking of weddings, we’ve all heard the term ‘Bridezilla,’ but do you know what a ‘Bridechilla’ is? I didn’t until about five minutes ago. Since starting my position here and getting to meet numerous brides, I’m finding them all to be very relaxed, and none of them strike me as Bridezillas- not one! Now, my thinking was, okay, rustic winery venue, we won’t get many bridezillas, we will get the laidback brides who want that rustic feel. However, it seems Millennials have coined the term Bridechilla exactly for these relaxed brides. Millennials are more “chill” with weddings and their goal is for everyone to have a good time. They want personalization and overall, just a good party. Based on the article that’s now teaching me about Bridechillas, a Bridechilla doesn’t really care about any aspect of the wedding and things will fall into place naturally- being a planner, I can tell you this bride definitely does not exist. Every bride cares about one thing or another and will plan even if they don’t think they’re planning. A wedding cannot come together without some sort of direction, but hey, I guess that’s why I’m here, right? Millennials are changing the wedding world and taking it by storm, and a term like Bridechilla is just more proof of this. Check out the article to learn more:¬†https://www.brides.com/story/is-the-bridechilla-the-millennial-bridezilla   Thanks for reading & Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers, Jenn, Millennial Expert!]]>